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No blade fan work in different ways, from the traditional fans. They use air multiplier technology, draw in the air zoom - 15 to 18 times, depending on the model. No leaves or grill, they are safe, easy to clean. And they produce a smooth air stream, there is no unpleasant shocks.
The working principle of non-wing fans
The first call in 2009, James Dyson invented by British scientists is no blade fan. No blade fan is also known as air multiplier, sucking the air base in a unit to promote the speed of the ring through a thin gap between the fan. Expulsion of air pressure in excess of the wing-shaped ramp (similar to air aircraft wing shape). Doing so, the surrounding air being drawn into the air flow, when the cool air hits an office worker's face, which is the equivalent of 15 units of air. 405 liters of air, every second of all deported. We know that the normal air of the fan blades and leaves, it is very uncomfortable, when you sit it in front of the seal. But there is no smooth airflow fan blades. In other words, there is no blade fan, air multiplier using the technology and has no unpleasant buffer flow smoothly and uninterrupted. No blade fan works described by these clear images below.
Compared with conventional fan, the fan blades have no more advantages:
1) flow more stable and there is no blade to "cut" of the air caused by the unpleasant shaking. A cool non-fan sitting in front of the fan, you will feel comfortable and warm. Fan air multiplier, providing a continuous smooth.
2) With the air up to 15 times, and gives, it can ensure that no fan blade wind is strong enough to make people cool.
3) with normal fans, fan blades do not have a convenient way for users to adjust the angle.
4) there is no blade, no blade fans are easier to clean. And they are more than curious children, family members, even more secure pet's traditional fans.
5) The sound is low, making the work, not the fan blades. In addition, the fan blade has a beautiful shape.

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