The life cycle of the bladeless fan(Hits:) 
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Any product has product life cycle, as a creative small household electrical appliances, bladeless fan have experienced following life cycle.

From theory of life cycle: all products from commercialization to out of the market general have experienced a similar mode of human life, the products have a limited life. Bladeless fan belong to a new product, but it also can not go against the objective existence of life law.

Bladeless fan life cycle have several stages, it show different characteristics at different stages:

nvestment period of bladeless fan
It is from bladeless fan successful development to enter the market, then  progressive realization of the product commercialization. At this stage, consumers do not yet know the bladeless fan, so its sales growth slow and market resistance is large. While the bladeless fan is a new products, it is expensive. Therefore, the sales income of bladeless fan in this period are often not enough to compensate for the cost of product development, production and sales.

Growing period of bladeless fan
It is refers to bladeless fan gradually understanding and recognition by consumer in the market. In this stage, bladeless fan has been trail by many people and identity, the sales increase rapidly and market share is steadily rising. The first half of the market penetration rate of 10% ~ 15%, and second half of market penetration rate of 15% to 50%. With the sales increasing, bladeless fan put into mass production and the technology is stable, the production costs are greatly reduced and the price is reduced. With the market open, the bladeless fan profit increased, companies began to earnings, profit margin and sales growth synchronization.
Mature period of bladeless fan
This stage is refers to bladeless fan have a large number of sales. The market is completely open up and have a certain market share. In this stage, the competitors of bladeless fan have formation of scale and the market is saturation, therefore, the sales of bladeless fan is difficult to increase.

The recession period of bladeless fan
It is refers to that due to demand change, bladeless fan has its appeal to consumers, the size of the market began to gradually narrow and sales decline, market purchasing power is turned to a new product. All competitive enterprises, with the price reduce, the profits drop to minimum. All competitive enterprises, the profits to reduce gradually withdraw only a few companies to maintain production until the last fan blades were forced to withdraw from the market.

Through the analysis of bladeless fan, we must recognize that due to the changing of economic environment, the intensity of competition and consumer interest in the changes in demand, companies must develop a series of strategic measures to adapt to the characteristics of the various stages of the life cycle.


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