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The advent of bladeless fan bring a impact to traditional fan market, but its development is also subject to many obstacles. Bladeless fan wa invented by Dyson and finally into China, it causing great concern for the traditional fans R & D personnel, where the inspiration for bladeless fan invention come from?

Bladeless fan inspired air multiplier, the principle of air multiplier is force the air to dry the hands through a hole. The air is blowing out around the ring amplifier rotation incision. As air is forced to blow out from the circle, the amount of air can be increased 15 times and its speed can reach 35 kilometers. The air flow of air multiplier is more stable than traditional fans. The amount of air it produces equivalent of of the current market performance of the best fan. Because there is no blade to 'cutting' the air, the user will not feel the stage of shock and wavy stimulate. Continuous air flow to make you feel more natural cool.

Like most desktop fans, air multiplier can be rotated 90 degrees, it is free to adjust the pitch wind angle, is designed easy to operate, more humane.

Fashionable fan design, due to no bladeless, the resistance is smaller. There is no polluting emissions, more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe.


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