How many kinds of fans?(Hits:) 
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There are a lot of kinds of fans in the world. They can be classified by the main power, the type of motor, the structure or some other ways.

1.Classified by the main power: There are three forms of fans–alternating current fan, direct current fan and double current fan. The double current fans are usually equipped in the vehicles and ships. The most popular fan in people’s life is the single-phase alternating current fan.

2.Classified by the type of motor: Fan with capacitor-start-run motor, fan with shaded pole motor and fan with series commutator motor.

3.Classified by the structure: Desk fan, stand fan, wall fan, ceiling fan, rotary fan, ventilator, etc.

4.Classified according to blades: There are two types of fans. One is traditional fan with several blades (usually three blades). The other one is the bladeless fan, which is the latest invention of an English scientist named James Dyson.

5.Classified according to the form of the airflow created by the fan:  Normal room temperature airflow fan, cold airflow fan, warm airflow fan, etc.



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