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The treadmill of using methods

Healthy body is to exercise every day

[Step 1]


1, turn the treadmill power: electric treadmill before using for the first time, please stand next to familiarize yourself with how to control it - such as start, stop and speed regulation, and so you are familiar with the following before you can use

[Step 2]


Before starting the treadmill, do not stand on the belt, should stand on either side of the treadmill plastic skid plate. PU handrail with both hands, grasp the safety, the machine open to the 1.6 to 3.2 km / h low speed, the body stand up straight, look forward, with one foot in the running to bring "Bo," a few times, try to relax; then stand together with its motion running with. After feeling adapt slowly increases speed of 3 to 5 km / h. To maintain this speed for about 10 minutes, then slowly let the machine stop. Do not use high-speed operation for the first time, to prevent falls.

[Step 3]


There are rows of buttons to adjust the slope adjustment slope, treadmill, after opening the machine, it will automatically select the slope of 1, the increase is not recommended for beginners slope, in a certain experience, it may be appropriate to increase the difficulty. Conlin KL1319 unique 5-speed direct function, 5 segment slope direct function, can be adjusted according to their needs.

[Step 4]

4, you can preset the length of exercise time. Each exercise 15-60 minutes. Conlin KL1319 unique four LED display window Composite / single display screen and a large dot-matrix display and built ten kinds of mobile subtitles hiking, cross country, race, weight loss, running clearance procedures and Two artificial programming, according to their body status and needs of the selected program.
5, in the digital display on a treadmill, we can now clearly see the movement speed, time, distance, calories consumed and your heart rate and slope. In the exercise, hold the handle with both hands on the chip can measure your heart rate at this time.
6, according to their preferences, choose to play audio and video files, songs, pictures and other content, Conlin KL1319 meter disk with USB (2.0) interfaces and U disk directly play the content, but also with the meter disk CD, MP3 audio input and output functions


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