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Eilison foot machine combines microcomputer simulation, mechanics and other leading technologies, simulation division of professional foot massage, massage can be put in place to ensure that each point, it's smart robot can cover the 64 foot reflex zones, the user put Into the feet, foot machine can automatically find the hole, and pinch and accurate and in place.
Eilison foot machine with intelligent bionic technology, with 18 kinds of massage, built robotic push, pinch, press, rub, do very comfortable. At the same time, numerous experiments by the researchers concluded show, foot massage machine feet while the effect is much higher than the division of professional foot 3-5 times.

    Eilison foot machine health Palma foot machine, is a massage school, meridian, holographic, reflexology high-tech health care equipment. It is simple to operate, the effect is significant, no side effects, but also a fitness regimen, in medicine: human organs and feet have corresponding relationship between the human ankle has less than 60 points, with health Palma foot machine massage these points, can promote blood run of play, inviting the role of organs, adhere to before going to bed to do foot, helps soothe the nerves remove annoying, hypnotic sleep, making sleep more soundly. Family Foot Health Palma precisely adjust physical condition, to alleviate the pressure of an ideal manner. From the Chinese point of view, a clear head, steady gait characteristics are healthy; and top-heavy, swollen feet shoe difficulties, the ill and the disease was footer. Our feet will not only bear the full weight of the body, but also in a variety of activities, many bear the additional burden it with the body's organs and organ are inextricably linked, it is the heaviest load of human tissue. Chinese medicine theory, feet and the whole body of yin and yang, qi and blood, Meridian has very close ties, foot care for many diseases have a role of adjuvant therapy, such as massage soles of the feet have nerves, antihypertensive effect. Therefore, the best way to get healthy is necessary from the "Foot" to start.


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