The Benifits of Using Foot Massager(Hits:) 
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Feet is known as the "second heart" human body, whether men or women, qiu dong season regular pedicures benefits basically has the following several aspects: first, foot massage can promote blood circulation and metabolism. Winter temperature is low, the foot can improve the foot blood circulation, promotes the foot and the whole body blood circulation; Along with the increase of the blood at the same time also can improve heart function, decrease cardiac load, regulating the endocrine gland secretion of hormone, promote metabolism.
Second, the foot can improve the body resistance and immunity. Winter pedicures enhance human metabolism, improve the resistance to external pathogenic microorganisms.

Third, pedicure can hairdressing protect brain, improve sleep. Often pedicures can adjust meridian, qi and blood and increased blood flow to the head, added enough in time.

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