The first training of the opening year(Hits:) 
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On March 25, general manager of kewang industry and trade led all the staff to the first training of the New Year.

In the training, all employees introduce themselves, so that new employees can have a comprehensive understanding of the whole team at the beginning of the New Year, and at the same time, new and old employees can better integrate.

Training content, in addition to the introduction of the company also highlighted the company in recent years, in the field of massage equipment to achieve a little success.In last year's national brand network, our eilison foot massager has become a well-known brand in the industry.

At the same time, the general manager also carries out training on the organizational structure and system of the company.In particular in the corporate system that the company has also established a lot of mechanisms. For example, morning meeting system; Outstanding employee seniority award;

eilison foot massage and vibration machine are focus of 2019.This year, we will not only continuously launch new products, but also combine the needs of customers and the market, so that eilison massage equipment in this field to a higher level.





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