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 Newest Egg Shape Electric Foot Massager-KW880
  •  Newest Egg Shape Electric Foot Massager-KW880

1. Specifications of foot massager

Reduce the pressures of foot, reduce fatigue, improve the quality of sleep.

 2. Scrapping function of foot massager

Base on the traditional Chinese Medicine’s scrapping value to massage the foot reflex zones deeper and wider, in order to stimulate the acupuncture points.

 3. Multi-shiatsu point of foot massager

Flexible kneading and full range of foot massage, more simulation.

4. Full air pressure massage of foot massager 

Use air pressure technology, the intensity is soft, the feel is solid and the massage methods are more flexible. The intensity changes progressively and thus could be able to stimulate the acupuncture points better.

5. Far infrared heat of foot massager

Optional heat function, accelerate blood circulation

6. Replace able sheath of foot massager

Healthy, easily to clean.

Item No.:KW880

                   Newest Egg Shape           Electric Foot Massager


Product Description:

1. Fashionable design with optional color;
2. Kneading knobs massage from toes to heels to cover all acupuncture points;
3. Air massage function make you more relaxed,Instep airbags fit for various feet massage;
4. Three level air massage intensity selected;
5. Auto working mode and manual working mode available, two auto working modes adjusted;
6. Two level temperature adjustment: low, high;
7. One pair of detachable fabic with zipper for easily cleaning;
8. Time default setting 15minutes, auto shut-off function;

Electric Airbag Foot Massager:

* Theraphy,heathly care;

* Kneading;

* Shiastu;

* Roller massage;

* Heating;

* Air bag pressure massage;

* Beautiful shape;

Packaging & Shipping:

*Voltage: 110V-220V
*Power: 40W;
*Packing:Color box/1 piece: 
*Product Size: 420mm*230mm*360mm;
*Carton Size:450mm*250mm*400m;

*Shipping:7-15 days based on your quantity;

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